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Your local Pizza Hut in Detroit Metro Area is the place to go when you want the freshest ingredients, the tastiest meals and the best value deals. Our dishes and flavors are known worldwide, from our incredible Pan crust pizzas, like our famous Meat Lover’s ®, which comes packed with pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, beef, mozzarella and bacon crumble, to juicy chicken wings, quality pastas and sides like our well-known garlic and parmesan breadsticks.

Pizza Hut has been Detroit’s favorite for decades, so you know you can count on us for great times and even greater flavors each and every time. It doesn’t matter if you are just looking for something on-the-go or are in need of the perfect banquet meal for your family and friends, get freshly-made pizzas from Pizza Hut today!

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Pizza Hut
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Serving Special Moments Since 1958

Throughout our history, we’ve made it our commitment to provide the most delicious food in town. This is why we use only quality ingredients, including 100% real cheese, premium meats and vine-ripened tomatoes.

Our menu includes:

  • The freshest, tastiest pan crust pizza in Detroit, including the Pepperoni Lover’s®, the Meat Lover’s® and the unforgettable Super Supreme
  • Authentic, hunger-busting pasta dishes like the Creamy Chicken Alfredo and Tuscani Meaty Marinara
  • Succulent, perfect-for-sharing chicken wings, traditional, breaded or boneless, with a selection of flavorsome sauces
  • Lip-smacking sides and desserts, including our world famous breadsticks, crispy P’Zone® and indulgent Cinnaparts™
  • Refreshing, thirst-quenching soft drinks, from Pepsi® to Mountain Dew® and Sierra Mist®

Pizza Hut

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