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Pizza Hut in Kingston

Feeling famished? Pizza Hut in Kingston has just what your stomach wants, like our piping hot pan pizzas, flavor-packed WingStreet® chicken wings and mouth-watering Tuscani pasta dishes. When it comes to pizza, there’s no question why for more than 50 years Canadians have turned to us: simply put, we serve freshly prepared feasts that tantalize tastebuds and offer irresistible deals that are easy on your wallet. You can even create your dream pizza, from picking your crust to your sauce and even cheese!

When you need a feast jam packed with flavour to satiate your hunger, or even if you could just use a quick, tasty bite, don’t settle for just any pizza; get Kingston’s tastiest dishes at your local Pizza Hut!

Pizza Hut

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Pizza Hut Locations

2 local store in Kingston, Ontario

Great Tastes You Can Count On

For decades, Canadians have relied on Pizza Hut to provide the delicious meals they enjoy together. You can always count on us for fresh ingredients, from 100% real cheese and premium meats to fresh vegetables and vine-ripened tomatoes. Spice up your normal routine with something delicious, order from Pizza Hut.

Our mouth-watering menu includes:

  • The freshest, tastiest pizza in Canada, including the Canadian, the Triple Crown® and the unforgettable Super Supreme
  • Tasty, wholesome and steaming Tuscani pasta dishes, from Lasagna and the Meaty Marinara to the scrumptious Creamy Chicken Alfredo
  • A selection of traditional, breaded or boneless chicken WingStreet® wings with a choice of eight succulent sauces
  • Your favourite sides and desserts, including our world famous garlic and parmesan breadsticks, seasoned fries and Hershey’s® Chocolate Dunkers
  • Refreshing soft drinks, from Pepsi® and 7UP® to Lipton Brisk Iced Tea® and bottled fruit juices

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